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Here are some tricks to make your treats safer!
This Halloween, see and be seen! Some part of your costume should be bright and reflective!
Make sure you have shoes that fit to walk in - even if they don't match your costume!
Make sure you can see to the sides from your costume's EYES - sometimes face painting is more fun!
Wear a watch you can see in the dark so you're home before you turn into a pumpkin - not that there's anything wrong with that!
Cut any long sheets or capes so they don't drag on the ground, or you may take an unwanted "trip"!
Never trick or treat alone!
Don't trick or treat on an empty stomach – have a spooky dinner or a monster healthy snack first
Keep your Halloween treats til you get home, and go through them with your family or an adult
Before you go trick or treating, make a pirate map of your route - and give it to your parents!
When trick or treating, don't take shortcuts across woods, yards, or especially driveways!
Don't end up as a ghost - stay on the sidewalk and cross at the crosswalks!
Only trick or treat at houses with lights on or decorations
Don't catch a chill: wear a jacket over your costume, or layers under it.
In case of Halloween emergency, carry a cell phone or some quarters to use a pay phone
It's also a good idea to carry a flashlight if you're in a dark neighborhood
Tricks are cool, but it's not a funny trick if you hurt someone - including their feelings!
Ewww! Don't eat unwrapped Halloween treats!
Happy Halloween!


Peter Mink in "Passing The Hat"
Peter Mink in "Passing The Hat"

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